Daylight Simulations using Grasshopper Tools

A 2-week online certificate program to learn daylight simulation using Rhino + Grasshopper tools and assess compliance with Green Building rating systems


1st Cohort: 28th March - 10th April, 2022

2nd Cohort: 5th September - 18th September, 2022


Early bird discount - INR 5,500 [USD 90]

Regular Fee - INR 7,500 [USD 120]

Here is the detailed program description and schedule for March 2022 and September 2022 programs

Explore computational tools to model, assess and optimize the daylight within buildings. Learn basic Rhino 3D modeling, daylight simulation script-building in Grasshopper, validating daylight compliance with LEED and ECBC while optimizing strategies for enhanced daylight performance. This training program will be conducted online in a unique blended learning format combining live webinar sessions with self-paced video lessons.


  • Explain daylight metrics with confidence

  • Work with the computational tools – Grasshopper with Rhino

  • Have know-how of environmental plug-ins (Ladybug and Honeybee)

  • Understand the impact of materials and RAD parameters on daylight performance

  • Understand the daylight simulation script in Grasshopper

  • Execute simulations for Daylight Factor, Point-in-time and Annual Daylight Illuminance

  • Execute compliance with LEED and ECBC daylight requirements

  • Assess design parameters for improved daylight performance


  • Develop skills of working with computational tools for daylight analysis

  • Validate design for compliance with LEED and ECBC

  • Technical knowledge of Rhino and Grasshopper - parametric environmental design tools

  • Copy of all course materials

  • Feedback on assignments

  • Interaction with expert faculty to answer your queries

  • Certificate on completing the coursework


  • Instructor led weekly webinars for immersive learning

  • Instructor led weekly classroom session to discuss assignments

  • Weekly assignments to apply the concepts

  • Self-paced videos lessons for deeper understanding of the software


  • Any professional involved in designing buildings

  • Architects, green building consultants

  • Students studying architecture or related discipline

  • Faculty teaching architecture or related discipline

What Are Our Participants Saying

"Enjoyed working alongside the demo video, Questions made me understand the software better"

-Divya Shree

"Combining live webinars with pre-recorded video lessons was an effective learning experience, the content covered in webinar enhanced my understanding of the subject, Case studies enhanced my understanding of the topic"

-Shruthi Anna Abraham

"I really like the easy and understandable pace of the program. For a person like me who is juggling between numerous things, it's hard to keep track of everything. I'm glad I can take my time with the course and complete it at my own pace"

-Shivangi Singh