OpenStudio Series

Four instructor-led live-online training programs to learn whole building energy modeling skills using OpenStudio software. Sign-up for one, two, three or all four courses in the Series!

Design bundle

35% OFF - 2 courses

Building Envelope Optimization + Daylight and Thermal Comfort Optimization

Suitable for architects/ designers who want to develop energy modeling skills for using as a design tool to achieve high-performance building outcome

Design & HVAC bundle

40% OFF - 3 courses

All 3 courses in the OpenStudio series !

Suitable for consultants or anyone who wants to build solid energy modeling skills to analyse all aspects of whole-building energy simulations; from envelope criteria to HVAC systems.

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Below is a snapshot of every course in the Series. Avail early-bird now!

Intermediate Level

16th May, 2022 - 29th May, 2022

Early bird fee - INR 6,500 [USD 105]

Key question in this course: What is the impact of orientation, form, glazing, envelope materials, shading devices, window-to-wall ratio on cooling/heating loads and building energy?

If you are a designer or a consultant, you know that the answer to this question is not just a number. There are many design possibilities that lead us to the desired performance metric. This requires a clear understanding of building physics coupled with energy modeling and analytical skills to arrive at the optimum solution for the project. This training program will help you build this skill !

Intermediate Level

13th June, 2022 - 26th June, 2022

Early bird fee - INR 6,500 [USD 105]

Key question in this course: What is the impact of various building design strategies on daylight levels and thermal comfort in the building?

Achieving performance benchmarks for daylight and thermal comfort while also meeting various design specifications is easier said than done in practice! This intermediate course builds on your basic modeling and analytical skills (from Course 1, if you have taken that) to dive into climate-based daylight metrics and thermal comfort criteria to arrive at an optimum design package. You will learn to get comfortable working with spreadsheets to process simulation outputs.

Key question in this course: How to model a detailed chilled water system to assess different energy conservation measures for the project?

Chilled water systems are one of the oldest and versatile air conditioning systems still widely used in many buildings. Detailed systems modeling is a relevant skill to have to complete the process of whole-building energy simulations. Say goodbye to 'Code-Minimum only' approach and leaving details to the vendor! Develop skills to model all components like Air Handling Units, Fan Coil Units, Chiller, Pumps, Cooling Tower, etc in OpenStudio and be confident of the simulation results.

Intermediate Level

4th July, 2022 - 17th July, 2022

Early bird fee - INR 6,500 [USD 105]