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Corporate Sustainability Training

A corporate sustainability training program is an important investment for any company looking to promote sustainable practices and reduce its environmental impact

As the world increasingly focuses on sustainability, many businesses are looking for ways to green their operations as well as upskill their teams. One way to do this is through corporate sustainability training. This type of training can teach employees about the importance of sustainability, green building principles, and how to implement sustainable practices within the workplace. In addition, corporate sustainability training can also help businesses to meet their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals. By equipping employees with the knowledge and skills needed to make sustainable choices, businesses can help to create a more sustainable future for all.




People Trained

Our Clients

To ensure that all employees are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to contribute to the company's sustainability efforts we offer training programs at three levels: Basic, Intermediate & Advanced. You can choose the level that suits you best! 

Basic Level Programs (4-6 Hours)

Intermediate Level Programs (8-16 Hours)

Advanced Level Programs (8-16 Hours)

If you require training on the topics listed above or any other topic, let us know. 

Client Testimonials

“The Sustainable Buildings and Interiors Workshop conducted by the EDS team stood out on several aspects. The one that stands out most to my mind is that they were able to uncomplicate several key concepts around the subject and orient the attendees towards diving deeper into these topics. I wish them the best.” 

- Alok Mehta, Brookfield Properties (Sustainable Buildings and Interiors)

“Very nice program, it gives us the liberty to go through the module at a time when we are free. The webinar was quite interactive and our doubts were clarified. Was just like a classroom but with the convenience of taking it from our own place. Very good way of attending classes.”

- Shubhendu Vyas, Max Estates (Green building fundamentals program)

“The program was engaging with a perfect blend of theory and practical exercises. Case studies also added to be overall learning.”

- Ritika Malhotra, Max Estates (Sustainable Procurement program)

“It was the first time our team had a hybrid session, and I must say, the content and the delivery were very well executed by the training team. The information was quite relevant and presented through relatable examples & exercises which made it easier for the team to grasp the concept & applicability. It has been a few weeks, but we can already see the impact of the training through the type of questions being raised by the team in meetings and the general discussions on glazing, U-values, carbon etc..”

– Piya Verma, Brookfield Propertiess (Sustainable Buildings and Interiors)

“We required training in eQuest at a high level to meet our clients’ requirements for sustainability ratings and for code compliance in various markets. It was needed for a beginner and intermediate level for multiple energy modelers, and we found it to be very beneficial to our working understanding of the software. The interactive approach really allowed us to really get in depth into the modeling process and clarify any doubts as we were working on the training case study. The training program was spread over 3 days which allowed us time to assimilate the information and come prepared with questions for the following sessions. Overall we were very satisfied with the training program provided by EDS” 

– Anish, NV5 (LEED Compliance Modeling using eQuest)