Know Your Water

Refresher course on water as a resource and related environmental issues

What you will learn:


This course is a refresher. You do not need any prior knowledge. 


This course is approved for 1 GBCI Continuation Education (CE) credit

This course is a refresher on water as a resource and the environment issues surrounding it.. The course covers pertinent topics such as - Where does water comes from, how is it used, what are the various issues faced today, water management and conservation strategies.

Water is a unique entity of our planet. It is our life! Seventy percent of the planet is covered with water but not all is fit for direct consumption. Availability of freshwater is uneven and depends on many factors like regional water soucres; precipitation levels; agriculture, dairy farms and industry nearby; and the economic state of a region.

Inspite of being an essential, not everyone has access to clean and safe drinking water. Today, a big percentage of the world population is ‘Water Stressed’. On one hand, some regions have abundance of water while it is a question of survival for others. Further, water pollution and wastage add to these issues. 

Although you might be aware of the more general environmental issues, it is good to periodically refresh yourself of the facts and current situation. 

This course is part of a series on Water. Being the first course, it is meant to be a refresher on water as a resource and other environment issues surrounding it. This is a precursor to other technical courses in this series.

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Course Reviews

"Very thorough basic course on water, it's natural cycle, man made cycle, uses, pollution, waste, etc. I highly recommend this course both to beginners and as a refresher for the more experienced people."

-Jorge Torres Coto

"I would recommend this introductory course to anyone who wants to have a broad outlook at the water issues from scratch. Potential learners include students and clients interested in learning the basics of water availability and management."

-Andres Schwarz

"This is a good overview of issues dealing with water use and access to water. The information is basic, but history and background information were included to add interest."

-Amanda Gale

"Enjoyed this one"

-Jeffery Edeus