Early design facade analysis - project showcase

Case study to understand integrated design process

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There are no prerequisites for this course. It will be helpful if you read a bit about the integrated design process and its benefits to be able to understand this course better. This course shares a real world project experience.


This course is approved for 0.5 GBCI Continuation Education (CE) credits. After completing the course you can report your credit towards LEED credential maintenance.

Passive design strategies are best incorporated during early design stage. This course shows a practical example of a project where the client was very clear on creating a residence that was an energy efficient green building. As sustainability consultant, EDS was part of a team that was highly enthusiastic about designing a green building. The project being in India in the city of Ahmedabad having a hot and dry climate had its own design challenges, but also great opportunities for an integrated design process.

Designing a green building requires all team members to be on board with the sustainability goals of the project so that the project is steered in the right direction from the beginning. This project achieved this at the early design stage. As a result, many passive design strategies were analyzed to finally result in a building with significantly reduced cooling loads.

The building envelope as well as the air conditioning system were optimized in this project through an iterative process. In this course, only the façade optimization process is covered.

 The course will walk you through the thought process, approach and iterative design process, strategies implemented and lessons learnt at the end of this project. 

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Course Reviews

"Very interesting take, I appreciate the focus on integrated design approach"

-Goli Razaghi

"Very Detailed explanation & nicely captured studies"

-Rashmi Kavalagirianahalli Chandrappa

"Great overview on how utilizing passive design early in the design process benefits the entire project"

-Joseph Schwarz

"Good info"

-Gerald Lefever