Introduction to green buildings

A primer to green building design

What you will learn:

  1. Understand environmental impacts of buildings

  2. List design strategies for green buildings

  3. Discuss sustainability in the context of green buildings

  4. Enumerate green building standards and benchmarks


This is a beginner level course focused on green building design strategies. You do not need any prior experience or knowledge about green buildings. Being familiar with the building construction industry or studying architecture will be helpful.


This course is approved for 0.5 GBCI Continuation Education (CE) credits.

While the building sector is one of the biggest contributors to global warming and climate change, it also has the greatest potential for mitigation. Green Buildings are designed to have reduced environmental impacts in terms of energy, water, transportation, waste and the indoor environment.

This course enumerates the goals and strategies for designing a green building. You’ll also understand how different benchmarks and standards for green buildings have evolved over time and where they’re headed in the future.

This course is organized in small modules. The first module elaborates on the environmental impacts of buildings. The second module will help you understand what green buildings are. Next, you will understand various strategies of green building design in the third module. Finally, the fourth module will provide you an insight to where green buildings are headed in the future.

The course content has high-quality visuals to provide you an engaging and insightful learning experience. At the end of the course, you’ll have complete clarity on what green buildings are all about.

Who is this course for:

  1. If you are associated with the building industry either on the design side or the construction side, this course is relevant for you.

  2. If you have been intrigued about green buildings, but wanted to learn the fundamentals, you can consider this as a foundation course

  3. If you are currently studying architecture, and interested in sustainability, this course is a primer for you.

  4. If you are an architect and want to design green buildings, this course is just for you !

Course Reviews

"I learned many things I didn't know before and the quizzes were good feedback on my retention."

-Susan Stello

"Was a good course for having an introduction and understanding of green buildings and after getting done with it one can move ahead with the further advanced course for this topic."

-Meghna Tyagi

"it's paced just right, with use of simple language and to the point talking!"

-Sameer Palnitkar

"Amazing, I really learned a lot."

-Sara Al-Hajri