Understanding Climate

Brush up concepts and learn tools, analysis and applications

What you will learn:

  1. Differentiating between climate and weather

  2. Clarity on characteristics of different climate zones

  3. Understand and work with weather data

  4. Awareness of simple and advanced tools for climate analysis

  5. Identify the right tool for your work flow

  6. Derive high level design strategies as an outcome of climate analysis


This course is a refresher. It is helpful if the participants know about building or if the participants are from architectural background, however, no prior knowledge is mandatory.


Having a thorough understanding of climate is imperative to designing a good building. The first step to this is to have clarity on the difference between climate and weather. Learn about different climate variables, global climate zones and the significance of climate responsive design in this course. This is a refresher course on climate fundamentals.

We might not be aware that our life revolves around climate. The food we eat, clothes we wear, our culture, the nature around us and our shelters are all influenced by the climate. However, over time, things have changed. Technology has enabled us to be un-responsive to climate. We do not see the same kind of flora and fauna when we travel from one end of the globe to the other. However, our buildings do tend to look similar. Isn’t it ?   

Climate responsive design is integral to building green. This course will equip you with the knowledge and tools that you can use to identify climate responsive design strategies. The concepts covered in the course are best applied during concept design stage; which is crucial to achieve a sustainable outcome.     

This course is organized in three parts.   

Part 1 is an introduction to the topic. It covers different climate variables, global climate zones and characteristics of each.   

Part 2 will cover free and simple tools that can be used for climate analysis   

Part 3 will cover some advanced tools for climate analysis and application of the concepts covered in the entire course.   

The course content is designed to bridge theory and practice with practical take-aways from each course. All the analytical tools are explained with demonstrations so you can right away start working with it. 

Who is this course for:

  1. You want to refresh climate fundamentals and get ready to apply them in practice

  2. You are an architect who is looking for simple and effective tools to integrate in the work flow during concept design stage

  3. You want to use free and easy-to-use software tools to do climate analysis and arrive at passive design strategies

  4. You know how to do climate analysis but want to dive deeper into the topic and customize the data for advanced analysis

Course Reviews

"This is a great presentation of global sustainability down to your part of the country."

-Arlene Morales

"This is a very helpful course for architects and researchers who are working on climate based topics. Excited to explore on the tools which I learnt here."

-Kaviya G

"it was a great fun learning and i enjoyed it. and a very good presentation too"

-Harini. S

"This is the best course to start with for understanding the intent behind energy-efficient and green buildings"

-Nitish Kanetkar