Sustainable Interiors

Green design strategies for interior fit out projects 

What you will learn:


This is a beginner level course focused on interior fit outs. You do not need any prior experience or knowledge about sustainability, but being familiar with interior works will be helpful.


This course is approved for 1 GBCI Continuation Education (CE) credit.

Interior designing or interior fit out projects have large variation in type and scale. Some components such as  daylight, electric lighting, water use, material use and indoor environmental quality are common in all kind of projects. This course introduces simple measurable aspects for each of these components using which the sustainability quotient for a project can be assessed. 

Design is very subjective. But sustainability can be objective and measurable. You will learn about concepts that are applicable irrespective of the design language.

If you have work experience as a designer and are interested in learning about sustainability, you will be able to quickly apply the concepts covered in this course in your practice. 

I have designed this course in short lectures covering each topic in a simple and easy to understand language. There are 5 lectures in this course with 1 hour of video content. I have included exercises and some simple calculations within the lectures to help you reinforce the concepts.

Towards the end, you will learn about a sustainability matrix that can be used as a decision making tool for selecting materials that has the best sustainability score.

Who is this course for:

What does this course include:

Course Reviews

" I have a PhD in Environmental Chemistry so I know what I am talking about. This course is GREAT! It really gives a lot of info and knowledge while keeping the notions easy to understand even for people with little or no previous knowledge. Strongly recommended! " 

-Paloma Magistrati 

"Good balance of text to visuals. Also calculations to examples. Not overloaded with acronyms!!! "

-Jill Duncan

"Well instructed and designed course."

-Susan Nejako

"Great course to give an overview of all factors to influence sustainability of interiors"

- Emanuela Cepoiu 

"I'm Loving this course so far - am learning so much in terms of measure-ability of the sustainability of an interior."

-Dale Dennis 

"Great course ,very useful and a good start for sustainable interiors knowledge. "

-Harika Sadineni 

"A good introduction, put in a straight forward easy to follow format. "

-Kate Jenkins-Bennett 

"Learned the basics in a simple way. "

-Bibin Philip